Sunday, April 13, 2014

Teen Vogue Discovers How Millennials Use Social Media

Teen Vogue recently did some ‘social soul searching’ by surveying 1,074 of their loyal magazine readers, aged 13 to 29. The survey (coined ‘Seeing Social Through the Millennial Mindset’) discovered what social media platforms their readers are engaged on and how they’re using social media facets.

The survey discovered Instagram is for building awareness, Pinterest drives word of mouth, and the two together inspire purchase transactions. The overall research was done to help brands ‘make the most of their marketing strategies’ and in the end, complete the sale.

The key discovery is that ‘not all social is created equal,’ what users are doing on Facebook is not what they’re doing on another platform; this is why there should be specific strategies across each different channel. Overall, Millennials are using YouTube for how-to tutorials and looking at Pinterest for product information and images. Reviews and recommendations are also on YouTube, then the sales and deals are found on Facebook. Statistically, 26% of survey respondents have made a purchase directly from a social media feed, Instagram being the #1 platform for purchases. In general, social media is how to get your brand noticed and to sell products through gaining attention and users

Thursday, April 3, 2014

The High Price Bloggers Charge

Most all of us follow blogs, whether they are fashion, sports, food, or popular culture-related, they keep us coming back. Bloggers have taken over the web and have become large a influence on consumer purchase behavior. Some of the fashion blogs I follow, such as The Man Repeller and The Glamourai, feature ‘ordinary people’ in the newest trends and styles. How do they afford this (many of us ask)? Well the answer is sponsored content.

67% of bloggers claim that paid sponsored content is their most substantial revenue generator. A majority of bloggers charge fees (up to $500) to work alongside them on events such as giveaways, sponsored content, reviews, and so on. About one fourth of bloggers say their primary motivation in beginning their blog was revenue; others started blogging for hobby-purposes, sharing experiences, and sharing expertise.

If you’re a blogger and hoping to make some money, the top three ways bloggers generate revenue are by paid sponsored/branded content, then advertising networks and blog sponsorships.  Successful bloggers have quite the lifestyle… making money to do what they like (sounds nice!). Keep blogging to get noticed and start making a profit!